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The MAS Story

A bit about Moorhead Aviation Services and how it started.

In 2016, hangers were going up at the Moorhead Airport. Local businessman and aviation enthusiast, Marvin Fletcher, had already built a 12,000 sq. ft. hangar/office and had plans to build another. We thought something was missing…an Avionics Shop! With nearly 20 years of experience, Ryan Paulson walks through. Ryan knows the industry inside and out. Marvin and Ryan got together, and Moorhead Aviation Services was born. In 2017, we became an FAA Certified Repair Station. With our state-of-the-art test equipment, laser wire marker, and CNC router: MAS is here for all your avionics needs, from ICS in a Cub to a CMS in a Gulfstream.

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Bits About the owner

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My name is Marvin Fletcher and I am the Owner-Operator of Moorhead Aviation as well as the President and Founder of Moorhead Aviation Services LLC. I was born and raised on a farm near Vergas, Minnesota. After graduation, I went on to attend Moorhead Tech where I studied to be an electrician and then got my Master A Electrician license. In 2000 I opened my first business, Protection Systems Incorporated. 

My introduction to flying came at the hand of my uncle when he flew his Piper Cub to the farm and landed it in the hayfield. He had taken me flying a few times. In these early flights, I had already concluded that I would become a pilot.

I knew that I wanted to own a fast plane; when I saw the Lancair kit plane, I was sold. Who wouldn’t want a 200-mph airplane that you can do your own annuals on? This purchase began a 17-year project as I began the assembly of this plane in my garage. Upon completion I started flying out of the Moorhead Airport.


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The general talk remained the same; the airport did not seem to grow – this is when I decided to build a new hangar. Moorhead Aviation LLC was officially in business. The thought was that “if I build it, they will come”. As time went by, it seemed as though the airport had hit a wall once again. What the airport needed was something that would generate a constant flow of activity: An Avionics Shop. I met with Ryan Paulson, and it seemed that we were on the same page; thus, leading to Ryan obtaining a repairment certificate and starting Moorhead Aviation Services LLC. 

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