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Services Offered

Avionics install, repair and custom panel fabrication!

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What we bring to the table

  • FAA Certified Repair Station for Avionics

  • A new state-of-the-art facility

  • Authorized Dealer for Garmin, Genesys, Appareo, Aspen, Mid-Continent Instruments and more

  • A one-stop-shop for everything from simple repairs to a complete panel makeover


Update those steam gauges!

Replace those old steam gauges with a pair of GARMIN G5's or some GI 275's. What a great way to bring  better visibility into your instrument scan and some new life to your airplane.


Did you know?

Here at Moorhead Aviation Services, we do a lot of autopilot installs and we have gotten very good at it.

A good autopilot reduces pilot workload to help you when you need it most. Not only do they increase safety for you and your passengers, they make the flight more comfortable and are a big help when instrument flying.

Give us a call today to learn more!  218-443-0271

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